Genshin Impact Version 3.5 – Release Date, Banners, Features, and More


HoYoverse showcased the details for Genshin Impact’s Version 3.5 Update, “Windblume’s Breath” This new update will bring back the Mondstadt Windblume Festival, new characters, and a new Archon Quest.

Pick up a new 4-star claymore, participate in loads of fun minigames and the new Fungus Mechanicus event, and loads of Primogems and intertwined fates as spring returns to the world of Teyvat! The game is also updating previous minigames, such as giving you the chance to make your own songs in the Ballads of Breeze minigame, and the Genshin Impact is also giving Genius Invocation TCG a bit of love with a new faster-paced game format!

Genshin Impact version 3.5 “Windblume’s Breath” will launch on March 1.

Genshin Impact Version 3.5 Trailer

Genshin Impact Version 3.5 New Quests

Meet new characters, old companions, as well as the Traveler themselves in Sumeru. Dehya’s Story Quest and Faruzan’s Hangout Event will reveal the hidden past of the two respective characters, and the Traveler will team up with Dainsleif and Kaeya to find out more about their lost sibling and the Abyss Order. Starting from Version 3.5, players will get Intertwined Fate x1 for each chapter cleared.

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Genshin Impact Version 3.5 New Event: Fungus Mechanicus!

In a corner of Port Ormos, the Traveler, and Paimon encounter friends whom they made during the inaugural Nilotpala Cup Beast Tamers Tournament.

During Fungus Mechanicus players will be controlling multiple Fungi to destroy mechanic towers, which you may recognize from the Theater Mechanicus event. Fungi will attack the towers automatically, but during combat, you can command them to move to specific locations or attack certain towers. You can also use marvelous gels to have your fungi unleash their skills!

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Vibro-Crystal Verification Event

The Vibro-Crystal Verification event will also appear in version 3.5. This event is a series of combat challenges where you can apply buffs on your characters through Vibro crystal connections. As you fight enemies you will trigger effects that happen one after the other, letting you deal increased damage, buff certain attacks, and much more.

Genshin 35 event Summary 01
Genshin 35 event Summary 02

During the event, you will have to create two-party setups and vibro-crystals, so it’s best to level up more characters to prepare! If not, however, you can always use the four trial characters to help you get by!

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The Windblume Festival Returns

The main event for Genshin Impact version 3.5, the Windblume Festival returns! Enjoy several attractions such as the rhythm game Ballads of Breeze, the maze chase game Floral Pursuit, and the photo-touring mode Breezy Snapshots. The festival will also welcome foreign guests from faraway Sumeru. As Collei revisits Mondstadt with Tighnari and Cyno, an adventure surrounding a mysterious prophecy will begin.

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The Ballads of Breeze mini-game also has an update, letting you play different instruments from the Wingsong Lyre, the Floral Zither, and the Festive Drum which will change how your character plays the song, and even how it sounds! If that wasn’t enough, you can even make your own song maps in Genshin impact, creating your own custom songs for other players to challenge!

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As part of this event, you’ll be able to pick up Primogems, level-up materials, and the new Mailed Flower Claymore and its refinement materials, Unfading Silky Grace.

The mailed flower has an elemental mastery sub-stat and has the bonus effect of boosting a character’s attack, and elemental mastery by up to 24% and 96 respectively after landing an elemental skill!

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Spices from The West: Northerly Search

The Spices from the West event returns! This time the scholar from Sumeru visits Monstadt after receiving additional funding from Dori!

This time she wants to test these spices on traditional dishes from Monstadt. The gameplay for this event’s similar to the previous Spices from the West event, where you’ll be mixing spices together in a pot as you play tap to add ingredients to a sort of rhythm and timing.

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Once you’ve created a seasoning, you can add these spices to a dish causing it to become fragrant, and making it more potent. You can also feed these dishes to your companions in your Serenitea pot to raise their bond levels!

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Genshin Impact Version 3.5 New Characters

Two new characters will be added to the playable roster. The first will be the legendary Eremite Dehya wields her giant claymore and the power of Pyro in combat. With her Elemental Skill, Dehya can create a fiery field that not only deals Pyro damage to enemies within it but also transfers part of the damage taken by her teammates to herself. With her Elemental Burst, Dehya casts aside her claymore and strikes her enemies with fists and a stylish kick.


The next character is a four-star character named Mika, the most active cartographer at the Knights of Favonius. Not only can he wield his polearm and the vision of Cryo in combat, but he can also target enemies with a crossbow and increase attack speed and physical damage to his teammates while using his Elemental Skill. In addition, he can help his teammates regain HP constantly with his Elemental Burst.


Dehya will be debuting on the first half of the banners of Version 3.5 alongside Cyno, while Mika will be making his debut on the second half of banners, alongside Kamisato Ayaka and Shenhe, who will both be making a return appearance! It should be noted that from Genshin Impact Version 3.6 and onwards, Dehya will be added to the Wanderlust Invocation permanent banner.

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Genius Invokation TCG – Heated Battle Mode

In Genius Invokation TCG, three new Character Cards featuring Eula, Sangonomiya Kokomi, and Kujou Sara, as well as another limited run of “Heated Battle Mode,” where Elemental Dice are required for playing cards and casting Character Skills will be reduced.

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New Feature: Tour Guide

And as a final part of the update, the tour guide system is here! This new interface will be added to your journal, letting you know the next quests and hangout events you need to complete. But more importantly, the game will hand out a bunch of rewards to you!

For every archon quest you complete, you’ll be given rewards from adventurer’s EXP to Essences for leveling up artifacts and even Intertwined fates! If you’ve completed the archon quests you can just go into the game and claim your free goodies in the Guide menu.

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Genshin Impact x Prime Gaming Collaboration!

In a collaboration with Amazon’s Prime Gaming service, players can claim special bundles for Genshin Impact from December 2022 to May 2023. But now, a new reward has arrived! If you manage to obtain at least four of the eight bundles, you can get the
Wings of the Starlit Feast on your in-game inbox!

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