The Life-Sized Moving Gundam Leaves in March 2024


You’ve probably seen footage of the life-sized moving Gundam stationed out at Yokohama by now, and even better if you’ve gotten to see it in action as it lights up during the night and moves!

Thankfully It’s been announced on the Gundam Info website that the life-sized machine and the moving Gundam will be removed from the Yokohama Yamashita Pier in March 2024. The moving Gundam was actually supposed to be closed back on March 31, 2022, but due to the coronavirus pandemic many couldn’t see it, so the machine’s stint at the pier had already been extended once until 2023, and now it will be extended again to 2024.

It’s not known whether or not its stay at the pier will be extended again, but for now, the company is scheduling a light-up production to celebrate the spring break.

Moving Gundam Factory

Moving Gundam Teaser

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