Rockman X DiVE JP Announces Collab with Devil May Cry 5 Starting March 8


The latest collaboration event of Rockman X DiVE / Megaman x DiVE is coming soon, and this time, it is crossing paths with the legendary sons of Sparda from Devil May Cry 5.

The collaboration event will have a limited-time gacha featuring two new characters Dante Trigger X and Vergil Trigger Zero, unlocking new powerful attacks and abilities befitting their new looks inspired by the two playable characters from DMC.

The Rockman X DiVE x Devil May Cry 5 collab will be available from March 8, 17:00 [UTC+9] post maintenance, and will end on March 22, 12:59 [UTC+9]. The event, however, is available on the Japanese server only.

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Rockman X DiVE × Devil May Cry 5 Collab Character Trailer

Clad in the devil Hunter iconic red jacket, X can be seen in the trailer video released on Rockman X DiVE’s official Twitter. The clip briefly shows off Dante Trigger X’s lobby idle animations, alongside snippets of moves such as X Stinger and X Rainstorm descriptions of and properties of the moves together with his built-in devil form passive ability!

X Stinger

A move that sends X charging forward sword first while sending out three slashing projectiles. Targets struck by the move are burned and take damage over time, with the EX version of the move additionally slowing them down. Performing the move while in Devil Trigger speeds X up and this buff cannot be disabled by other skills.

Megaman X

X Rainstorm

An aerial bullet barrage that hits multiple times in a wide area, while the EX skill version will further stun any foes unfortunate to be caught in the crossfire. Performing X Rainstorm while in Devil Trigger boosts X’s defense and additionally fires off 6 heat-seeking missiles that go through the terrain. This buff cannot be disabled by other skills.

Rockman X

■ Devil Trigger

Dante Trigger X has a DT meter above his HP that accumulates overtime or by striking enemies. When filled to the max, X can activate Devil Trigger, enhancing his two active skills and passively increasing his attack and defense stats. Whenever X uses his skill while in this state, 4 homing-summoned swords will fly out and attack enemies nearby.

QooApp RockmanXDiVE DMCVCollab screenshot 8

Though the special website for the collaboration shows off Zero in his own Vergil Trigger form, no information has been revealed as of this writing. Stay tuned for more information on the collaboration!

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