Hyper Light Breaker Available for Early Access on Steam This Fall


After being delayed from its previously planned spring release window, Hyper Light Breaker is finally entering early access for PC via Steam this fall. California-based indie studio Heart Machine has revealed the first gameplay trailer for this new 3D co-op roguelite adventure game, which is set in the shared universe of 2016’s Hyper Light Drifter and 2021’s Solar Ash.

The gameplay trailer revealed some exciting features that players can look forward to, including fast-paced hack-and-slash combat, ranged weaponry, gadgets, and a wide array of unique weapons. The game boasts vast, ever-changing open worlds with distinct micro-biomes and a variety of hidden secrets that players can discover as they explore.

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Alx Preston, Hyper Light Drifter creator, and Heart Machine creative director mention that “Hyper Light Breaker will bolster the mysterious universe of Hyper Light, with vast, everchanging open worlds with distinct micro-biomes, brutal enemies, a wide array of unique weapons and hidden secrets.”

It seems that this latest Hyper Light entry will give players the freedom to explore and play in a way that fits their style. Hyper Light Breaker, will expand the mysterious universe of Hyper Light Drifter with new, exciting features that will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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Hyper Light Breaker Story & Worldview

In Hyper Light Breaker, players become Breakers, mercenaries who are tasked with entering the Overgrowth, a world in disarray within the Hyper Light universe. They can either play solo or team up with up to three fellow Breakers to explore large procedurally-generated biomes in a vibrant open world, encounter brutal monsters, create new character builds, fight against mysterious bosses known as Crowns, and overthrow the ominous Abyss King.

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Set decades prior to Drifter, Hyper Light Breaker has players take on the role of a Breaker to help establish a settlement in a new frontier. While they start their journey trying to help the settlement, it becomes clear that there’s something sinister in this long-forgotten land. Only through tenacity and rigorous exploration will players uncover the dark truths of the Crowns, The Abyss King, and this brutal, eerie new landscape.

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Hyper Light Breaker Gameplay

Endless, New Open Worlds To Explore
A world in disarray, with mysteries to solve, an array of vicious enemies to fight, and fully 3D environments to explore. A vast, ever-changing world unravels with open biomes and deep labyrinths, with a blended mix of hand-crafted and procedurally generated elements. Use your wall-dashing, hoverboard, glider, and more for incredible freedom across landscapes.

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Lead Your Team Of Breakers
Play single-player or forge ahead with other Breakers through the world in online cooperative play. Face hordes of enemies and intense bosses in frenetic third-person combat.

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Explore, Collect, And Destroy
Discover and unlock a wide arsenal of weapons and items to strategically craft a powerful build for every run. Learn more about Overgrowth, its characters, and the deep storylines hidden within each death and subsequent attempt.

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Help The Settlement
Help the settlement flourish over the course of your journey. Your accomplishments will introduce new colorful characters and permanent upgrades to the hub to expand the population. Visit denizens between each run and discover their unique stories.

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