Tales of Asteria Ends Service on May 18 after 9 Years of Release


Bandai Namco announced that it will be shutting down Tales of Asteria on May 18, 2023. The mobile game was first released in Japan on April 3, 2014, and has been running for nine long years. Following this announcement, several campaigns are planned, including free gacha pulls, event reruns, and more to thank players for all those years.

Starting on April 13, paid currency can no longer be purchased. Unused paid currency can be used until the shutdown, but any leftovers after it can be applicable for a refund, with more details coming later. In addition, Tales of Asteria will receive two final updates to the Main Story in April and May respectively, to end the story on a high note.

tales of asteria shutdown 1

100 Free Pulls and Login Bonus!

100 free pulls will be offered in a free gacha. Each tenfold pull will guarantee you a 5★ character, and what’s more, is that your final pull will let you choose five 5★ special costume characters.

This is a great opportunity to complete your collection before the shutdown of Tales of Asteria. Given that the banner says Vol. 1, it’s highly likely that this is just one of many banners.

tales of asteria shutdown 3

In addition, a login bonus will be offered for logging in to Tales of Asteria for a total of 10 days to receive a total of 100-star spirit stones.

tales of asteria shutdown 6

Special Quest Rerun & Strengthen Campaigns

Acts 12 through 19 of the Master of Elements Special Quest will be rerun.

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Some characters that appeared in the Special, Platinum and EX summons have been reprinted as well. Step Up Summons will be rewarded with a 5★ selection summon and various other rewards.

tales of asteria shutdown 2

In addition, to easily upgrade these characters, you can obtain a large amount of character development items with exchange points obtained from limited quests. These missions refresh every day, so don’t miss out!

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Tales of Asteria Main Story Updates

You can read all the scenarios of some past events that have been conducted in the past. In addition, the climax of the Fate of Twin Stars chapter, which is currently being distributed, will be completed with the scenario scheduled to be released at the end of April. In addition, the Finale Scenario is scheduled to release in May.

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Memorial Book with over 500 Pages!

A special Memorial Book containing all the illustrations of ★4 and above that were released in Asteria, all condensed into one volume. With over 500 pages, you can look back on the past 9 years of Asteria. (Some illustrations are not included in the book.)

The book will be sold in two versions: the normal version will cost JPY$8,000 and will have roughly 540 pages. A special Asobi Store version will be sold for JPY$9800 and in addition to the 540 pages, an extra 160-page book containing clothing designs will be sold exclusively through the mentioned storefront. (Not sold separately.) The book is slated to be released around Summer. It is unknown if an eBook version will be sold.

tales of asteria book memorial

Official Soundtrack Coming to Music Streaming!

Bandai Namco Game Music, a sound label of Bandai Namco Entertainment, will be releasing over 80 Tales of Asteria soundtracks on streaming services such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Now you can listen to beautiful soundtracks on the go using your streaming service of choice! The soundtracks will be coming sometime later this month.

tales of asteria streaming

Tales of the Rays Transfer Campaign

A new feature will be implemented in Tales of the Rays that will allow users to set a wallpaper for their home screen from Tales of Asteria! In order to apply for the feature, players will have to choose their 6 favorites from their Asteria game to transfer them over to Tales of the Rays. This will also require that you have the same Bandai Namco ID tied to both games.

To set up your favorite characters, select the cog menu from the home screen and then select which characters to set as your favorite. You can change this until the shutdown happens, so think carefully, because it will not be possible to change after that!

tales of asteria shutdown transfer

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