Welcome Kokuri-san ASMR Visual Novel Launches Worldwide on May 24


CyberStep announced that the visual novel Welcome Kokuri-san will launch worldwide for PC via Steam, DLsite, and BOOTH on May 24. The game will also be available for Nintendo Switch on May 25, and for PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android at a later date.

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The first trailer for Welcome Kokuri-san has also been revealed by CyberStep, showcasing the game’s story, setting, and gameplay. Players who pre-order the game will receive various bonuses, such as exclusive wallpapers, ringtones, and voice packs.

The VTuber Kurune Kokuri is known for her ASMR content, and the game features ASMR elements as well. The game is the first title in a new visual novel brand called Rabbitfoot, which delivers novel games featuring YouTubers and VTubers. The game follows the story of the VTuber in a school-based adventure.

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In addition, a special exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Tower Foot Town B1F Tower Hall from May 26 to June 5, where fans can experience the setting of the novel, and purchase exclusive merchandise.

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Welcome Kokuri-san Editions

In Japan, the Welcome Kokuri-san will be available in various editions.

■ Digital Edition with Bonus

The Digital Edition with Bonus will be available for JPY$4980 and includes digital data bonuses such as a rough illustration image collection, a digital art book, and an audio voice recording of a post-main story scenario.

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■ Physical Edition

The Physical Edition will be available at selected retail stores from May 26 and includes an Original Goods Set consisting of an original DVD case, an original DVD, and two tin badges, in addition to the contents of the Digital Edition with a Bonus.

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■ Limited Box

The Limited Box is priced at JPY$12,800 and comes with an Original Goods Set that includes a limited design box (B5 size), original design USB, acrylic panel, mouse pad, and clear file (A5 size), in addition to the contents of the Physical Edition.

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■ Yours-Only Box

Welcome Kokuri-san will also be sold in a special Yours-Only Box limited to just 50 copies. Priced at JPY$29,800, this special edition will be available for order from March 24 to April 24. The custom-made game features the protagonist’s name recorded as requested by the player and also includes the contents of other editions.

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About Kurune Kokuri

Kurune Kokuri is a “high grade Fox spirit VTuber”. She is an independent VTuber that used to be a part of the Axel-V VTuber agency before it disbanded shortly after it formed due to a lack of support. Out of 5 members, Kurune Kokkuri and Hinokami Hikone continued their activities as independent VTubers.

Kokuri has a soft voice that she normally shows off during gameplay streams and also in drinking streams she hosts every Friday. She’s especially well-known for her various ASMR streams which make up the bulk of her channel’s output, and as such are also the focus of the upcoming title.

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