ATRI ~My Dear Moments~ Anime Reveals Teaser Visual and 2024 Debut


Aniplex’s anime adaptation of the visual novel game ATRI ~My Dear Moments~, announced that the anime is airing in 2024, and released a new teaser visual to give us an idea of how the anime will look.

The anime also released a teaser preview video, though the video combs over the teaser visual with some ambient music to hint at this series’s tone. The teaser visual mirrors the kiss scene in the critically acclaimed visual novel that is available now on PC via Steam.

Atri My Dear Moments anime Teaser 0 2

Atri My Dear Moments Teaser Video

About ATRI ~My Dear Moments~

In the near future, a mysterious and sudden rise of the oceans left most of the human civilization deep underwater, isolating much of the world and destroying most of the world’s infrastructure.

Amidst this disaster, Ikarauga Natsuki, a 17-year-old high school student, is disillusioned from city life and returns to his countryside town after losing his mother and one of his legs. When he arrives home the only thing he has left to his name is a submarine his grandmother had, and all of her debts. With no other choice, he takes up the submarine and dives deep underwater to sunken ruins to try to find the treasure that could pay off his debts.

What he finds however isn’t any jewel or treasure of any kind, but a young girl asleep in a coffin at the bottom of the ocean. What awaits Natsuki next is an unforgettable summer, as he lives out the rest of his days with this mysterious girl who declares she will dedicate her entire being to him.

The game is available now on Steam and also has a playable demo.

Atri My Dear Moments anime Teaser 0 1
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About ATRI ~My Dear Moments~ Anime Staff

Story Writing & Draft: Asta Konno (Frontwing)
Character Draft: Yusano Motoi
Director: Makoto Kato
Series Composition: Juki Hanada
Animation Production: TROYCA

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