Idoly Pride Global Unveils Trailer Highlighting Game Contents


Neowiz, the new publisher for Idoly Pride released a new trailer for the global version of the game, detailing the title’s gameplay contents and features.

The trailer previews the game’s 3D-story scenes after the anime series, management sections of the game where you cultivate the idol’s popularity through photoshoots and outings, talking with your idols and bringing them to fan meet-ups, and live performances, which are determined by how you prepare your idols beforehand.

Idoly Pride currently has no release date.

Idoly Pride Global Contents Trailer

Idoly Pride Gameplay

If you’ve never played on Idoly Pride’s other servers, lets briefly take a look at the various sections of gameplay introduced in the trailer, and go a little more in-depth into them.

■ Story

As you progress through the game you can go through the game’s story which is based on events after the anime series. Scenes in the story are fully voiced, and the game still maintains its Japanese voice acting.

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 011

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 012

■ Management

As Idoly Pride is an Idol-management simulator, a good chunk of the game is spent on preparing them for their performances, and popularity outside of it. You’ll be tasked with cultivating their growth as an idol, bringing them to numerous events, training with them, taking photos, leveling up various attributes, and changing their outfits for concerts, and at work.

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 09

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 08

■ Communication

Of course, communication is also at the heart of great cooperation, and you’ll be able to talk to these idols to give them advice and listen to their qualms. These come outside of story scenarios and pop up as you train with them and send them to do events, like interacting with fans, or with each other in public spaces.

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 05

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 03

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 04

■ Live Performance

After all of that, you will then be testing your talent’s skills and growth in Live Performances, watching them and singing to the beat as they accumulate points, and if they manage to reach their target, you’ll have cleared the performance.

The live performance part of the game doesn’t have any tactile gameplay as it’s performed automatically though, but it can be tense to watch your idols perform and try to just barely reach that score, while also combining their talents to grant each other buffs during a song.

Idoly Pride Global Trailer 07

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