New BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!! Anime Series Coming in Summer 2023


The BanG Dream! multimedia project is getting a new anime series, BanG Dream! It’s MyGo!!!!!, which will air in Summer 2023.

The anime will star the MyGo!!!!! band members including Hina Yomiya as Tomori Takamatsu; Rin Tateishi as Anon Chihaya; Hina Aoki as Rāna Kaname; Mika Kohinata as Soyo Nagasaki; and Koko Hayashi as Taki Shina.


Koudai Kakimoto, who also directs the second and third BanG Dream! anime series and the franchise’s several films, returns to direct the new anime at SANZIGEN. Yuniko Ayana is supervising and writing the series scripts.

In conjunction with the announcement, the first original song “Mayoi Uta” (迷星叫) by MyGO!!!! will be added to the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party mobile game as a playable song. 100 Stars will also be presented in-game to all players to celebrate the news. The band will also perform the anime’s opening theme song “Hitoshizuku” (壱雫空).



More information about the anime series will be announced at an announcement event on May 24 at 19:00 [JPT] in HIKOSEN Theatre in Tokyo. The event will also be streamed on the official Youtube channel at the same time.


BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!! Anime Teaser

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