KonoSuba Fantastic Days Global Server is Changing Publishers


Nexon announced that it has transferred the publishing right for its mobile game Konosuba Fantastic Days from Nexon Korean to Sesisoft.

The change will begin on June 1, 2023, and from the wording of the announcement the game was passed on to Sesisoft to continue the game’s service, and doesn’t necessarily state if the game would have been shut down without passing the title onto them. As part of the game’s change in publishers, however, this means players will need to transfer their ID to the new server.

This means that after the maintenance on April 27, players will have the option to transfer their account through the Main screen, and can follow the steps outlined below.

image 1

After performing that steps, players should save their issued ID by screenshotting it or writing it down somewhere. This will be important as after June 1, you need this new ID to continue playing the game after that maintenance, so take care not to lose it.

If for some reason you don’t want to continue playing Fantastic Days due to its new publisher, you can also apply to decline transfer registration.

About KonoSuba Fantastic Days

KonoSuba Fantastic Days is a real-time RPG based on the KonoSuba light novel and anime series. The game features fan-favorite characters, including Kazuma Sato, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness. Characters are voiced by their original Japanese voice actors, including Jun Fukushima, Sora Amamiya, Rie Takahashi, and Ai Kayano. Following an all-new storyline, the game also has tons of original characters created for the game’s new stories.

The game’s global server launched on August 19, 2021, under Nexon, and will have been a little under 2 years in its hands before the ownership is shifted to Sesisoft.

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KonoSuba Fantastic Days Server Change 0 2

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