[Qoo News] Yostar Opens Pre-Registration for Japanese Version of BiliBili’s Azur Lane



Originally published by BiliBili, Azur Lane (アズールレーン) is a mobile shooting game that features anthropomorphisms of naval warships.


The game is set in a world under the invasion of a mysterious enemy. An Alliance Army named Azur Lane was created to push back the invasion. Players play the role of a commander to create and raise their own fleet.

Yostar has recently launched the pre-registration event for the Japanese version of Azur Lane and announced the pre-registration event rewards for the game.





Japanese Azur Lane PV

Pre-Registration Rewards


Over 10,000: 5x Mental Cubes (メンタルキュブ) For Creating Ships
Over 30,000: 5x Construction Speed-Up
Over 70,000: 5x Royal Gourmet (王家グルメ) EXP Up
Over 100,000: 200x Diamonds
Over 150,000: 2x T4 Gear Box
Over 200,000: Special Pre-Registration Character

FiLM7sUILIJBMZWfyfT JRrUs 9xSwMRxN4H5CM5aHutK hmrwqUtL qX1oSAvo DK6L=w300 Azur Lane | Simplified Chinese 嗶哩嗶哩 : 9QTLYD2 Jd6OIKHwRHkEBnFAgPmVKJwf2xmHjzPk 5w0SRLZumsCoQZGlO8d kB3Gdld Azur Lane | Japanese Yostar, Inc. Rate: 4.6 Download