Shangri-La Drive Mecha x Bishōjo 3D RPG Coming to Android and PC in Summer 2023


EXNOA today revealed Shangri-La Drive, a new Mecha x Bishōjo RPG that is set to launch for Android and PC via DMM Games this summer. The game is also available for pre-registration now.

In Shangri-La Drive, players will be training the girls who ride on gigantic gears to fight against the powerful automata. You can also tune the Ride Gear for different stages and develop strategies to counter the stage gimmicks.

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Players who pre-register for the game can challenge the “Pre-registration Gacha” every day and obtain the “memory drive” cards when the game officially launches. A special video featuring the game’s worldview and the theme song by the singer 96Neko, composers Hayato Asano, and Takashi Saeki was also revealed.

Shangri-La Drive PV

Shangri-La Drive Gameplay

No blind spots in all directions! Shangri-La Drive is a Mecha x Bishōjo RPG that follows the battles of the girls who ride on mechanical gears and confront the automata. The player has to train the girls, tune the Ride Gear to their liking and develop their own strategy to defeat enemies.

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Players will be able to customize the gear with various parts according to the situation on the battlefield. The game also features dynamic 3D graphics as you take the girls to battle against the automata, which held the humans captive in order to create a perfect world.

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As the leader of your team, you will also have to interact and communicate with the girls to deepen your relationships! The game also has an R18+ version with more erotic scenes.

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Shangri-La Drive Pre-registration Campaign

Those who are interested in this game can now pre-register via DMM Games. All players can receive 2,500 Diamonds and an SR+ character when the game’s pre-registration reaches 250,000.


After pre-registering for the game, players can pull the “Pre-registration Gacha” every day and obtain the “memory drive” cards when the game officially launches.


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