Honkai Star Rail is Available Now!


After years of waiting, multiple betas, and tons of anticipation, the Hype Train is finally taking off as Honkai Star Rail officially departs for mobile, console, and PC!

With the launch of Honkai Star Rail you can enjoy loads of launch rewards including up to 60 free Star Rail passes, the free lightning character Serval, Stellar Jades, challenges, events, and more as you embark on a journey as the Trailblazer! The game is also launching with Seele’s gacha, bringing the first limited character to the game, and if you try rolling the game’s beginner banner you can pick up a guaranteed and powerful 5-star character!

Take to the stars, and explore the galaxy and all of its wonders as you visit civilizations far and wide, solving their issues and reclaiming the dangerous Stellarons that lay at the heart of its troubles, and understand your destiny in Honkai Star Rail!

Honkai Star Rail Launch Trailer

Honkai Star Rail Login Rewards

Thanks to reaching the game’s pre-registration rewards and celebrating its launch, Honkai Star Rail is handing out tons of pulls, ensuring all players will be able to pull from its Starter Warp and guaranteeing a 5-star character!

For reaching its maximum pre-registration milestone, players can receive the 4-star Erudition Lightning character Serval on launch, along with a welcome avatar, 100,000 credits, and 20 free pulls of the standard banner!

Honkai Star Rail Launch Rewards 0 1

Trailblazers can also claim 10 Star Rail Special passes after logging into the game for 7 days, great for pulling on the now Seele banner or saving up for someone else down the line!

Honkai Star Rail Launch Rewards 0 2

Players that continue to play the game past level 35 will also be given 40 free Star Rail passes and 1600 Stellar Jades, totaling 50 more pulls!

Honkai Star Rail Launch rewards 3

Honkai Star Rail Launch Gacha Seele

Starting from the game’s launch until May 17, 17:59 (Server Time), players can use Star Rail Special Passes to Warp the new Butterfly on Swordtip, and Brilliant Fixation Warp gachas featuring the Quantum Damage dealer Seele!

Seele is a powerful damage dealer with a deadly ultimate ability, while also being able to boost her own speed during combat to act sooner, and she gets to act again immediately if she defeats a target! Seele is Honkai Star Rail’s first limited character, and that means once the banners disappear you won’t be able to pick her up again until she returns!

Honkai Star Rail Launch 0 5

Her In the Night Light Cone is also up for grabs, granting an increase to critical rate to any character from The Hunt path. The Light Cone also has the effect where for every 10 Speed beyond 100, the wearer gets a bonus to their basic attack and skill damage, and also increases the critical damage of their ultimate. This effect caps out at 8 stacks, meaning if your character can have 180 speed they’ll be able to take full effect of the Light Cone!

Honkai Star Rail Launch 0 4

Jing Yuan is also coming to the game, but he’ll be joining the game in phase 2 of version 1.0, so if you want to save up your special passes for him you can also do that too!

Honkai Star Rail Launch Jing Yuan

Honkai Star Rail Starkissed Synchrony Event

The Starkissed Synchrony event begins now! During this event to celebrate the game’s launch, you can complete a series of requests to pick up Herta and Natasha for free! All you have to do is play through the game and reach Trailblaze Level 20 to pick up the two characters, along with the 4-star Light Cone The Seriousness of Breakfast, and the 4-star Light Cone Quid Pro Quo.

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Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor

Like with many other games, Star Rail is also launching its version of the battle pass, called Nameless Honor! As you complete objectives and daily challenges, you can increase your Nameless Honor level, granting you rewards like Self-Modeling Resins, Tracks of Destiny, Star Rail Passes, and more.

Players that purchase the Nameless Medal to unlock the bonus rewards, can also pick up one of seven useful lightcones. Check out their effects below!

Honkai Star Rail Launch 0 2

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