Tokyo Psychodemic Mystery Adventure Game Announced for PC and Consoles


Gravity Game Arise announced Tokyo Psychodemic, a mystery adventure game that will release for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. The game will support both Japanese and English subtitles when it launches.

In Tokyo Psychodemic, players will take on the role of a forensic investigator who specializes in solving unsolved murder cases. Players will have to investigate paranormal phenomena while working with colleagues who have specialized skills in obtaining physical evidence. Using analytical tools and their own investigation skills, players will need to solve cases and bring closure to the victims’ families.

The game promises to be a unique combination of 2D graphics and cinematic realistic forensics investigation simulation, though no official release date has been announced at this time.

Tokyo Psychodemic Trailer

Tokyo Psychodemic Story

Human ESP experimentation. “The Incident of the Abnormal Cult.”

Just as even rumors spread in the secret of the existence of this “case”, a new threat of an unknown virus with a fatality rate of 80 percent spread through Tokyo.

The “virus” spread quickly, reaching the center of the nation and even the major bureaucrats and the prime minister were never to return home. And then…

“The Tokyo Lockdown”

Starting with the capital of Japan, the “virus” was on the verge of engulfing the world.

But it did not…

QooApp Tokyo Psychodemic 01

After the declaration of a state of emergency, the younger generation of politicians struggled to deal with the situation. Although the provisional government was inexperienced, it was competent and successfully overcame the worst of the situation.

Four years have since passed.

Using the pandemic as a cover, Abnormal Cults, who had faded from people’s memories, continue to hide from the public eye and continue to work in the dark, leaving traces of their existence as unexplained incidents.

The protagonist, who has a history of being captured and experimented on, turns his attention to a case that the police have been unable to solve, in order to break the ties and the ambitions of the “Abnormal Cult Order.

In the traces of the tragedies, there must be clues that connect the dots leading to the secluded psychics….

Yes… in the unsolved cases…

QooApp Tokyo Psychodemic 03

Tokyo Psychodemic Gameplay

Based on information on unsolved cases that arrive at the detective agency, you will investigate the various circumstances that may be involved, such as the victim’s personal information, activity history from security cameras, etc.

Collect and confirm the information on the evidence board and seek out the truth.

QooApp Tokyo Psychodemic 04


In Tokyo Psychodemic, the investigation of a crime will be based on images of evidence from crime scenes, surveillance cameras, etc. Confirm the items, people, and points of interest involved in the case.

Especially from security cameras, it is possible to confirm the behavior of the victims and others. From the moment of the incident, including before and after, every piece of information will allow you to infer the reason why an incident occurred.

Use the evidence board to deduce how the evidence gathered relates to the case.

QooApp Tokyo Psychodemic 05

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