Honkai Impact 3rd Version 6.6 Woven from Last Snow Arrives on May 18


Honkai Impact 3rd continues on with its story in Version 6.6 Woven from Last Snow, kicking off a story arc featuring none other than Seele.

Version 6.6 brings with it a new story set in the Salt Snow Holy City, with new characters Misteln and her battlesuit Dreamweaver, along with the new combat system Inscribed Whispers, the character Terminal Aide 0017, new events, login bonuses, and much more, including a brand new weapon type just to facilitate Misteln’s addition to the game.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version 6.6 Women from Last Snow launches on May 18.

Honkai Impact 3rd Version 6.6 Trailer

Honkai Impact 3rd Version 6.6 New Characters

■ Dreamweaver

Revealed back in Honkai Impact 3rd Part 1’s finale, Misteln the “Hare” joins the fray! this Mech-Type Physical damage dealer joins the battle with her Dreamweaver battle suit, allowing her to take on two forms in battle.

She starts off with her physical body in which she appears as a commander, attacking enemies with her flag and summing Seeds of Ideas to attack, and defend. When she uses her ultimate she pulls enemies into a dreamscape world where her astral body fights in her stead. This Astral body wields a javelin instead of a flag and can hurl spears from long distances at enemies, dealing powerful damage while dancing around foes in a beautiful display of brutality.

While her ultimate is active, you can also tap the ultimate button again to hurl a powerful lance to annihilate enemies and end the dream space, returning to Misteln’s physical form.

Because Misteln uses a brand new weapon type in the Javelins, a new 4-star lance called Mirage Spearhead has been added to the foundry, and you can also the new focused supply to get the Prophetic Dreams weapon.

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow 0 1

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow Update 05

■ Terminal Aide 0017

Prometheus is coming to Honkai Impact 3rd with her new battle suit, Terminal Aide 0017!

Terminal Aide 0017 is an IMG-type Physical support. While in battle, she can use the gigantic fists behind her to attack. As an AI assistant, she is absolutely calm and rational while attacking, and the fists behind her will keep changing forms to launch deadly strikes at enemies.

Terminal Aide’s skill lets her expand her fists for defense, letting her restore Enthalpy and shield HP, when she releases the shield button right before being hit, she will counterattack and restore even more Enthalpy. Enthalpy is a resource Terminal Aide can expend to deal a powerful combo attack, tossing foes into the air and granting allies a shield.

Her ultimate allows her to create a black hole to gather up enemies, before crushing them with her gigantic fists. This ultimate also buffs allies by inflicting stun trauma, restoring shield HP, and boosting the team’s physical damage.

Terminal Aide 0017’s new recommended weapon can be picked up in the new equipment supply event.

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow 0 4

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow 0 5

Honkai Impact 3rd Version 6.6 Events

Chapter XXXVII will be added to the Honkai Impact 3rd! you can play the story and participate in the story event to get the 4★ event stigma Susannah: Overtime (T), Crystals, Ancient Willpower, Terminal Aide 0017 Fragments, and much more.

This update also adds the Inscribed Power system, which will be a new combat mechanic letting you cast newly equipped skills during combat, exclusively for use in the new story.

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow Update 04

In pursuit of a magical and dazzling dream, TeRiRi has made up her mind and embarked on a journey toward miracles!

This new event is a turn-based puzzle game that lets you battle enemies by moving gems together in a match-3 puzzle sequence, triggering new effects based on the colors used. This event can net you a bunch of great rewards, including Herrscher of Thunder’s outfit Nocturne Ablaze, Crystals, Terminal Aide 0017 Fragments, Honkai Shards, and more.

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow Update 03

Ai-Chan’s merry market is almost here! This market lets you shop around using crystals in supply events to get Dreamy Pulse headphones, letting you exchange them for old outfits, S-Rank battle suits, weapons, materials, and so much more! If you’ve been saving up your crystals, now is a great time to spend them as you’ll be able to pick up the Herrscher of Origin, Palatinus Equinox, or Infinite Ouroboros!

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow Update 02

Lastly as with a new version, the game’s handing out a boundy of login rewards including SP Supply Cards, Focused Supply Cards, Terminal Aide 0017 fragments, 500 Crystals, and valuable upgrade materials.

Honkai Impact 3rd Woven From last Snow Update 01

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