Dicefolk is a Tactical Monster-Catching Roguelite Coming to PC


GS Entertainment revealed a new tactical monster-catching game coming to PC, in the form of Dicefolk, which is now available for Wishlisting.

Dicefolk puts players in the driver’s seat as they recruit various types of monsters called Chimeras for their squad, with each chimera coming with its own unique attack types and abilities to consider when going into combat. Strategize, adapt and collect as many chimeras as you can to hone your tactical skills and come out on top in this rogue-lite journey with near-endless replayability.

Dicefolk currently has no release date

Dicefolk Announcement Trailer

Dicefolk Announcement TrailerDicefolk Announcement Trailer

Dicefolk Gameplay

Dicefolk is a tactical monster-catching rogue-lite, and as its genre suggests it means you’ll be doing battle against various monsters not with your hands, but through control of your own chimeras!

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 02

The battle has you picking between a variety of options for your opponent, ranging from attacking, swapping positions, defense, abilities, and much more. These abilities are determined by rolls of a die, and the outcomes of the die are determined by the chimeras you bring into battle.

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 03

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 04

As you explore the world you’ll also come across nodes where you can recruit Chimeras, allowing you to recruit from a range of powerful and cuddly creatures. With so many random chimeras popping up, each playthrough is almost never the same, ensuring you’ll need to quickly adapt to your new team to overcome your foes.

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 05

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 06

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 07

You can also upgrade your chimeras with a variety of gear and even change the die faces before combat to further improve, and customize the power of your squad, offering new ways to play and even more tactics you can choose from.

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 08

Dicefolk Announce Trailer PC 09

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