A New Dragon Quest Monsters Title is Coming to Nintendo Switch


Square Enix is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Dragon Quest Monsters series, by announcing a new title in the works coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The Dragon Quest Monsters series began on September 25, 1998, in Japan on the Game boy color. Unlike the mainline entries, Monsters is more focused on meeting, capturing, taming, and breeding the beloved monsters in the Dragon Quest series. This new entry will mark the 13th new entry in the series, following the release of Terry’s Wonderland Retro in 2019.

The new Dragon Quest Monsters currently has no release date

Dragon Quest Monsters 25th New Game Announcement

Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniversary Trailer

About Dragon Quest Monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters is a monster-focused series beginning on the Gameboy Color in 1998.

The game series has you capturing, taming, breeding, raising, and fighting with all of the beloved creatures from the Dragon Quest series, going through a brand new adventure with a new protagonist in each entry, except for the Joker series which received three entries across the Nintendo DS and 3DS.

Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 01
Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 02

The games are played in a third-person perspective but combat is done in first-person similar to the older titles in the series. Unlike party members in Dragon Quest, players can “suggest” commands to the monsters, having them do a command based on the situation or intent, though you can also Plan the monster’s actions, changing their current commands.

Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 03
Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 04

Monsters also have a variety of personalities, based on Bravery, Prudence, and Caring, which will affect the likelihood of a given command. Monsters can have wildly different personalities based on the variance of these stats, and its up to the player to manage their personality levels through breeding or how you command them in battle, to make them more oriented towards a certain role.

Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 05
Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 06
Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 07

The game also places an emphasis on the monster’s WILDNESS trait, as each monster won’t be responsive to the player immediately after capture, and it’s up to the player to reduce its wildness by interacting with them, feeding them, and keeping them in the party more often.

Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 08
Dragon Quest Monsters 25th Anniv Games 09

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