Netmarble’s MMO RTS Grand Cross: Age of Titans Launching Worldwide for PC and Mobile in August


Netmarble announces that its next-generation strategy game “Grand Cross W” is now renamed Grand Cross: Age Of Titans. Scheduled to release on mobile and PC, the game will launch worldwide in August.

In Grand Cross: Age Of Titans, battles have erupted across the world of Skyna from the invading armies of Chaos. Players will join forces with the princess Destina, as they build armies, construct buildings, and train troops to restore the war-torn territory. Battles can be won by summoning heroes from other worlds (the Transcendents of Grand Cross) and using the magical power of Lapis.

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The South Korean developer explained that it is a project that takes the best from the existing strategy games, and merges it with modern animated graphics for outstanding strategic play. The game comes with a variety of features, including unique characters, animated graphics, combat, and innovative large-scale battles.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Game Features

Enjoy various strategic elements in field, siege, naval, and air warfare. Form a powerful army and engage in large-scale wars. Long-range archers and flying units can add a new strategic element to your game and turn the tide of battle. The giant battle weapon, Titan, is much stronger than other units and can deal great damage and destroy enemy formations regardless of the terrain.

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In Grand Cross: Age of Titans, battles erupted across the world of Skyna due to the invasion of Chaos. The main story unfolds when Mio and Licht are summoned to the Skyna continent and meet Destina, the princess of the Kingdom of Skyna. Players will be tasked to battle against Chaos while taking territory as they progress through the game.

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Grand Cross W Introduction Trailer

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