Loop8: Summer of Gods Time-Loop RPG is Out Now for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC


The narrative-driven coming-of-age RPG Loop8: Summer of Gods officially released today for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC via Steam. Publisher Xseed celebrated the release with a new trailer introducing the core narrative.

Starting with a chilling prologue, the Loop8: Summer of Gods launch trailer forebodes an imminent threat: “The seal protecting this town is no more. The Kagaya Ascend as we speak. Prepare yourself for the battle ahead.” As it unfolds, players will embark on an unusual journey in the town of Ashihara, where the cycle of August repeats endlessly. The protagonist Nini and his classmates have to battle against the Kegai, malevolent entities pushing humanity toward the edge of annihilation.

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Nini is bestowed with the “Demon Sight,” a divine connection that empowers him to reset the world. Each loop provides him and his allies the opportunity to relive the 8th month repeatedly, their choices dictating the fate of humanity in their confrontation against the Kegai.

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Each character shares affirmations of resolve and hints at the importance of balance and harmony in their shared struggle, ultimately culminating in a climactic tease of the heroic efforts required to save Ashihara and, in turn, humanity itself.

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Loop8: Summer of Gods Editions & DLC

The standard edition of Loop8: Summer of Gods is available at a price of USD $49.99 for both physical and digital formats on consoles and PC. The Celestial Edition priced at USD $69.99 includes a softcover artbook, a musical selections CD, a mini wall scroll, and an authentic Japanese wooden ema, all packaged with the game in a custom box, limited physical edition available via the XSEED Game Store and selected retailers. PC players also have the choice of the digital deluxe edition for USD $59.99, which includes the game, a digital soundtrack, and a digital art book.

Also, the “Sporty Mix” DLC, which features a brand new outfit for the character Machina, will be offered as a free download across all platforms for the first week following the game’s launch.

QooApp Loop8 Summer of Gods Launch

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