Persona 3 Reload Unveils New Trailer Previewing English Dub


Atlus released new unlisted trailers for Persona 3 Reload dubbed the “Special” trailer, featuring voice work for what sounds like Eiichiro Takeba, Yukari Takeba’s father in the game.

Notably in the English version of the trailer, sounds like Eiichiro Takeba is being portrayed by Yuri Lowenthal, who was the original voice actor for Persona 3’s male protagonist, though in Persona 3 Reload he’s being replaced by Aleks Le, the dub actor for Zenitsu, and most recently Luke from Street Fighter 6. The trailer also briefly previews a variation of the game’s theme song “Memories of You” (Kimi no Kioku).

Also when the trailer was uploaded earlier in the day, it seemed the description listed its available titles along with Nintendo Switch. While it hasn’t been confirmed by Atlus, it may be a similar case to Persona 5 Royal, where that game’s Switch port was announced at a Nintendo Direct.

Persona 3 Reload is scheduled to release in Early 2024 on the Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation4, PlayStation5, and PC via Steam.

Persona 3 Reload Special Trailer (EN and JP)

About Persona 3 Reload

P3REload is a complete remake of the original P3, giving it a much-needed facelift since the game came out on July 13, 2006. The game features remade content from the original title without anything from Persona 3 FES or P3P but with new additions and updated gameplay design such as changes to its fatigue system, social links, maps, and more.

The game brings back its series staple turn-based gameplay with new additions not in the original such as improved UI, the ability to command team members, and other gameplay changes to bring the game more in line with the experience that Persona 5 offered in terms of modern gameplay changes.

Persona 3 Reload Special Trailer 01

Persona 3 Reload Special Trailer 02

Persona 3 Reload Special Trailer 03

Persona 3 Reload Special Trailer 04

Persona 3 Reload Special Trailer 05

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