Spy x Family Code: White Anime Film Reveals Teaser Visual and Synopsis


Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family manga series is continuing to ride its wave of popularity by getting an anime film that depicts a completely original story not seen even in the manga! The teaser image shows Anya reaching for a glowing treasure chest while Lloyd’s looking at a travel guide and telescope, Yor dual-wielding a spatula and whisk combo, and Bond has a dog pass attached.

The Spy x Family movie stars the family in another wacky adventure, this time starting with Lloyd who has been reassigned to a new mission while still being responsible for Operation Strix. Meanwhile, Anya’s participating in a cooking class where the student with the best dish will be awarded a Stella Star! For the sake of the mission, Lloyd suggests Anya make a dessert called the Melemele, a traditional pastry that’s a favorite of the judge who happens to be from the Frigis Region.

To help her learn about the dish the Forger family goes on a trip to the Frigis Region to experience the real thing, but while on the train Anya opens a mysterious trunk in the train, and accidentally swallows a secret chocolate inside of it! Little do the family know though, they now all hold the fate of the world in their hands from that point forward!

The Spy x Family film’s written by Endo with Kazuhiro Furuhashi, the director of the anime’s first season. The film will be getting a special trailer on June 25 to preview the film before it premieres in cinemas on December 22.

About Spy x Family

Spy x Family is a manga series written by Tatsuya Endo and received an anime adaptation on April 9, 2022. The manga is part of Shonen Jump’s Jump + Catalogue and has currently amassed 11 volumes as of writing.

Spy x Family is set in the fictional countries of Westalis and Ostania, two rival countries that are divided over its own version of the Cold War, where tensions arise and the smallest spark can ignite another war between the two countries, threatening the peaceful lives of millions due to the powers that be.

Westanian agent “Twilight” is tasked with spying on the leader of the National Unity party Donovan Desmond, a task that is seemingly impossible except for a single lead, Donovan’s son. If Twilight can approach him and pose as a parent, he can get unfettered access to Donovan, potentially shifting the tides and bringing about peace.

The only problem, Twilight doesn’t have a child, and before he gets a kid he also needs to have a wife to pose as a happy family before he can even think of approaching a child at a school. To do this he creates an alias called Loid Forger, and adopts a young girl named Anya and a lovely woman named Yor.

Unbeknownst to him though, his child happens to be a psychic that can read minds, and his wife is actually a professional assassin with incredible strength! Thus begins the wacky adventures of this family trying to live out their daily lives while hiding their extraordinary skills, all while saving the world in time for dinner!

Spy x family

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