BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Launches TenSura Collab with Two Anime Cover Songs Playable from July 15


The crossover event between Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime / Tensura will officially begin on July 15! Running until July 26, players will be pleased by the five new limited members in the event gacha banner. Two collaboration cover songs straight from the Tensura anime is also playable in the game!

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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x TenSura Login Bonuses

A limited-time event also means tons of rewards being given out just by booting up the game as well, as players can earn up to 2500 Stars and 50 Tone Crystal via the special Collab Celebration Login Campaign.

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Additionally, a special stamp set featuring all five Morfonica members can be claimed during the event too! Don’t forget to check out the Special limited-voiced lines that you can hear each day upon login as well. Simply log in to BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! between July 15, 8:00 [UTC] and July 25, 7:59 [UTC] to claim these special presents!

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BanG Dream! Girls Band x Tensura Collab Gacha

A special limited member gacha featuring Mashiro Kurata, Tsukushi Futaba, and Rui Yashio from Morphonica will be available during the event period. Each will be dressing up as the main heroines of the series, with Kurata Mashiro as Rimuru, Tsukushi Futaba as Milim Nava, and Yashio Rui as Diablo!

A separate 1 Time Only Guaranteed 10 Play Gacha will be available too, ensuring players get at least one character from the limited character pool.

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■ ★4 Kurata Mashiro – CV: Amane Shindō

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■ ★4 Tsukushi Futaba – CV: mika

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■ ★3 Yashio Rui – CV: Ayasa

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‘Tempestoso of Monsters & Another World’ Collab Event

Players may earn Event Points from Live performances to get rewards including the Collab Stamp, Stars, and Collab Limited 3-star members, Toko and Nanami, who will appear dressed like Shion and Shuna respectively from the anime series, alongside other prizes. During the event, you can collect the event item ‘White Masks’ from playing Lives, and then exchange them at the Great Forest of Hakua for various in-game items!

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■ ★3 Nanami Hiromachi [My Spiciest Creation] CV: Yuka Nishio

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■ ★3 Toko Kirigaya [Making Monster Friends] CV: Hina Suguta

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Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! x Tensura Event Missions

Alongside an event story scenario that brings the members of Morfonica to the world of Tensura, special event-specific missions will be available during the collab period offering exclusive rewards!

The mission rewards include 10 live boost recovery items, a collab name tag, decorative pins, and an adorable collab outfit for Mashiro fashioned in the style of Veldora Tempest!

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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! x TenSura Cover Songs

The game will be adding two new cover songs “Nameless Story” and “Storyteller”, which featured in the series as the opening tracks to the first and second seasons of the Tensura anime. Players may purchase the cover songs with Tone Crystals from the Music Shop at CiRCLE!

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Star Discounts and Guaranteed Gacha Deals

The Tensura crossover isn’t everything offered during the event period, as Collab Celebration New ★4 Member Guaranteed Gacha and Star Discount Campaign will be made available! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to guarantee yourself a ★4 you don’t already own and receive more Stars-for-your-buck on certain Star Pack purchases!

While the Star Sale period will run for the entire duration of the Tensura Collab (July 15, 8:00 [UTC] to July 25, 7:59 [UTC]), the ★4 Member Guaranteed Gacha will last a bit longer, ending instead on July 29, 00:59 [UTC].

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