Figuring Out STGCC 2017

Mr. Qoo

Almost every convention has figure/model exhibitors and STGCC is not an exception. Integrating Western and Eastern cultures together, STGCC features figures and models from iconic titles from DC and Marvel superheroes to smaller western comic characters to fan-made creations. Here’s a highlight of some of the most epic and most absurd figures you’ll find in STGCC 2017!

Tamashii Nations
Tamashii Nations continues to bring Robots and anime characters in the form of figures in their STGCC booth. From Goku’s SSJ3 with halo to Pacific Rim’s Gypsy Dancer.

Taking all the pop culture superheroes from Batman and Superman to Marvel’s Avengers and more, XMDreams materialises an incredible array of your favourite superheroes reimagined epic battles and scenarios!

Hot Toys
Once again, Hot Toys brings a collection hot figures from Movies, from the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok to the iconic Dark Knight trilogy.

Street Fighter Fans will truly appreciate the detail put into the stunning Street Fighter figures at Kinetiuquettes. From striking stances to a power

Mighty JAXX
Mighty JAXX booth shows off their signature style in taking apart characters, literally, to show an anatomy of their bone structure, from Bugs Bunny to the Justice League, Might JAXX has them all.

HMO Collectibles
Reimagining iconic characters into breathtaking figures and models, HMO Collectibles raised the bar with reimagined Morrigan and Characters from Bounties of Bathos.

Star Wars Plastic Model
Celebrating 40 years of Star Wars, not only doesSTGCC have a special Star Wars Experience section, but Star Wars Plastic Models also had a booth for themselves, showcasing all the numerous characters from the series in figures and models of all shapes and sizes.

Beast Kingdom
From Disney’s Lilo & Stitch and Disney TSUMTSUM to Marvel’s Avengers, Beast Kingdom brings out the cute side of characters, despite what their name may suggest.

Alongside the major booths, small indie creators show off their talents, from Character figures to original models and displays. Stay tuned for more!


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