Monster Strike’s Card Battle Board Game Gold Rush Battler Officially Launches for Smartphones


Japanese developer Mixi today finally sees the launch of Gold Rush Battler after being delayed from its initially planned launch two weeks ago. This latest entry to the Monster Strike series is a four-player PvP title that combines board game mechanics with card building.

Gold Rush Battler has players taking turns to spin the roulette and move along a Monopoly-like board. Much like its contemporaries, the aim of the game is to end with the highest amount of coins after a set amount of turns, where the key to victory lies in taking control of squares by defeating monsters.

Goldrush Battler sub14

Goldrush Battler sub16

Players can either deal damage to the monsters inhabiting the different squares, as well as challenge other players to steal their squares. The game also features over 300 cards upon release and most of the illustrations take direct reference from its original Monster Strike game.

Gold Rush Battler PV

Game Launch Celebration Campaigns

In celebration of its launch and its pre-registration reaching 100,000, players can start the game with 15 card-pack tickets, SR card “Hero’s Guide Valkyrie,” 1,000 gold, and 10 Battle Gacha Medals as pre-registration rewards.

Gold Rush Battler launch sub3

Players who login to the game for 14 consecutive days from July 23 to October 12 can also obtain a maximum of 1,600 gold.

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The scratch event “Undine Festival” will also be held from July 19 to August 2. Play the game and collect event points to exchange various rewards including a time-limited costume for Undine!

Gold Rush Battler launch sub1

Two types of card packs are currently on sale in the in-game shop. The first one gives you six cards including one guaranteed UR card, and the other also gives you six cards, but only guaranteed you to obtain six SR cards or above. The card pack can be purchased once for every element.

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