Boku & Dragons x Bofuri Season 2 Collab Begins July 20


The mobile RPG Boku & Dragons is bringing the characters from Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense. Season 2 with a collaboration event running from July 20 to August 2.

The collaboration features the main characters from Bofuri, such as Maple, Sally, Kanade, and Kasumi. In addition, various rewards, limited-time missions, and login bonuses will be available during the collaboration. Players will be able to earn gacha tickets, which grant the chance to get these special collab characters.

Boku & Dragons x Bofuri Season 2 Collab Begins July 20

Boku & Dragons x Bofuri S2 Collab Gacha

Launching on July 20, players can obtain Maple and Sally in the gacha. The UR Orbs for Maple and Sally, along with SR Orbs for Kanade, will also be available through these gacha events. Players can obtain gacha tickets to participate in the gacha by logging in and participating in events throughout the campaign, and can also draw a single gacha for free.

■ UR [Maple Tree Guild Master] Maple

QooApp Boku Dragons x Bofuri 2 01 1

■ UR [Out-of-this-world Concentration] Sally

QooApp Boku Dragons x Bofuri 2 02

■ SR [Genius Boy] Kanade 

QooApp Boku Dragons x Bofuri 2 03

Boku & Dragons x Bofuri 2 Collab Summon’s Gate Event

The limited-time event Summon’s Gate will also be hosting Bofuri characters from July 23 to July 27, where participants stand to win luxurious rewards including the Collab Kasumi’s Limited UR Orb and Gacha tickets.

■ UR [Katana User] Kasumi

QooApp Boku Dragons x Bofuri 2 04

Boku & Dragons x Bofuri 2 Collab Additional Events

Special Reward Battle: Dragon Strike Selection GP
From July 20 until July 22, players can earn up to 4 collaboration gacha tickets through the battle stamp rewards in this event.

Collab Commemorative Login Bonus
Throughout the campaign period, players can secure luxury items like Collaboration Gacha tickets simply by logging into the game daily.

Collab Commemorative Mission
The Collaboration Commemorative Mission, prepared specially for the event, allows players to acquire luxury items such as Collaboration Gacha tickets by accomplishing certain missions.

EXTRA Deck Battle
From July 28 until July 31, players can obtain up to 8 Collaboration Gacha tickets as battle-stamp rewards in this event.

Bofuri Anime 2nd Season Collab Commemorative Gift Campaign
During the campaign period, by retweeting Boku & Dragons’ official Twitter posts and entering the game, players stand a chance to win Quo Cards and in-game items in a lottery.

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