Mononoke Anime Film Opens in Summer 2024 in Japan Starring Hiroshi Kamiya as the Medicine Seller


It was announced that the upcoming Mononoke anime film will open in Summer 2024 in theatres of Japan. Following the departure of the main cast Takahiro Sakurai due to his love affair scandal, Hiroshi Kamiya is taking the role of the Medicine Seller in the movie.

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Originally set to release in 2023, the Mononoke anime film has been postponed indefinitely until this announcement. The anniversary memorial movie tells a completely new episode of the wandering, nameless main character known only as the “Medicine Seller”. Twin Engine also reveals a new key visual featuring Medicine Seller with his fingertips on his mouth in a vibrant background that sets the bizarre environment of the series.

The unique tone of the movie is also previewed in the newly-released teaser trailer starting with the saying of Medicine Seller, “Time flies, and people change.” In addition, it was announced that Koko Nagata is in charge of character design, while Yuichi Takahashi work as animation character design and chief animation director.


mononoke movie teaser

Original run in 2007, Mononoke is a spin-off story based on the horror anthology series Ayakashi: A Samurai Horror Tales. The series story follows a man known only as the wandering Medicine Seller, and follows their encounters with ayakashi, spirits, and other manner of supernatural begins.The Medicine seller has the ability to exorcise demons by first understanding the spirit’s shape, unveiling the truth, then reasoning to send it back to the afterlife.

Mononoke Anime Film Teaser Trailer

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