Onmyoji’s “Fateful Reunion“ Event Introduces SP Bondweaver Enmusubi from August 23


The mobile strategy game Onmyoji has introduced a new Shikigami, SP Bondweaver Enmusubi during its new “Fateful Reunion” event starting on August 23.

In celebration of the arrival of SP Bondweaver Enmusubi, the game has revealed a CG story trailer featuring a new character song of Enmusubi, sung by her voice actress Sora Amamiya. Players can also look forward to the Summer Garden event, where they can obtain the new Summon Room skin “Crystal Clearing“ and the new Shikigami Menu background “Crystal Clifftop.“ The event will last until September 12.

Onmyoji New SP Bondweaver Enmusubi CG Story

Onmyoji New SP Bondweaver Enmusubi Summoning Animation

Onmyoji New SP Bondweaver Enmusubi CG Story

Onmyoji’s Fateful Reunion event will be held starting August 23 and will feature a new summoning event for players, highlighting the new SP Bondweaver Enmusubi voiced by Sora Amamiya.

Throughout the event, the game’s regular summons will be replaced with New Horizons and Vintage Classics versions, both containing a different selection of SP/SSR shikigami, from which players can freely choose. The summon counts will contribute to cumulative rewards such as stage rewards, special stage rewards, and Memory Scroll.

Additionally, players have a guaranteed chance to obtain an SP/SSR Shikigami within 60 summons without affecting the Unlucky Streak achievement series. If a SP/SSR Shikigami is obtained before 60 summons, the count is reset. As part of this summoning period, players can use Mystery Amulets, Jades, and AR Amulets to summon 40 times, earning an additional Random SP/SSR Shikigami.

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 01

■ SP Shikigami Bondweaver Enmusubi

Can the emotions of this trifling and boundless love and obsession overcome numerous obstacles when fate is severed? The question ringing in the girl’s ear holds its answer already known within her heart.

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 02

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 03

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 04

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 05

Onmyoji’s “Fateful Reunion“ Event

During the Fateful Reunion event, players have the opportunity to summon shikigami and construct their own teams for combat. By engaging in various gameplay modes, participants can earn exclusive event items, which can be exchanged for rewards. The event rewards on offer include Sakura’s New Skin “Floating Nocturne,“ SSR/SP Summon Scroll, Animated Frame “Shifting Power,“ Skill Daruma, limited Illustration, and Jade, among other items.

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 06

■ Sakura’s New Skin – Floating Nocturne

The night breeze stirs gentle ripples, amidst the flowers stands a beauty by the railing, awaiting.

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 07

Onmyoji Memory Scrolls Event

The SP Bondweaver Enmusubi Memory Scrolls event will be held after maintenance on August 23, lasting until September 12. By participating in various gameplay modes, players will have the opportunity to obtain Scroll Shard items. Utilizing these shards to repair the Memory Scroll, players will be granted a random reward each time.

Once the scroll has been completely repaired, rewards will be distributed to all players in accordance with their contribution rankings. The top-ranking players will receive shards of SP Bondweaver Enmusubi and event-limited frames.

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 08

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 09

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 10

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 11

Onmyoji Memory Scrolls Event

The new version of Onmyoji also introduces a new Summon Room skin and Shikigami Menu background. By participating in the Summer Garden event, players have the chance to obtain the new Summon Room skin “Crystal Clearing“ and the Shikigami Menu background “Crystal Clifftop.“

The aesthetic features soft snow melting into a stream, casting reflections on the torii gates resting among the mountains. With gentle murmurs, the ice columns refract the light of the pact circle, summoning the desired shikigami from behind the folding screen.

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 12

QooApp Onmyoji Bondweaver Enmusubi 13

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