New Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon PV Released!

Mr. Qoo3DS

The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel has released a new video for the upcoming Pokemon RPG titles, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, revealing new Ultra Beasts, new moves, new characters, and new worlds!

The first thing the video revealed was Ultra Wormholes. In the upcoming Ultra titles, players will be able to travel into different worlds via the new Ultra Wormholes. These new worlds will be the homes of Ultra Beasts (UB).

The video then revealed The Ultra Recon Squad, not a lot of details have been released on The Ultra Recon Squad, but they appear to be the Team Rocket equivalent of Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

The video ended with the revelation of new Ultra Beasts, and new moves that will appear in the upcoming game.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon is due out 17th November 2017 for 3DS.

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