Mobile Block Remover Nekojima Diary Pre-Registration Begins

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Nekojima Diary

Estimated to be launched in Fall this year, the mobile block remover game, Nekojima Diary (ねこ島日記), is now available for pre-registration.

Nekojima Diary

Nekojima Diary is a block removal game set on a deserted island filled with cats. Through clearing stages, players unlock different parts of the with 3D landscapes, which in turn reveals more of the game’s story.Players will also be able to communicate with the cats on the island to get more information on the story.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Over 2,222: 2000 Gold
Over 22,222:2000 Gold
Over 50,002: Robot Sweeper x1
Over 70,002: 2000 Gold
Over 100,002: Helicopter Ticket x1

Block Revomal Footage


Gameplay Footage (Cat Story)

Gameplay Footage (Island Transitions)

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