Fire Emblem Heroes Minerva and Maria’s Battle Summoning Focus Live

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Fire Emblem Heroes has just launched a new Summoning Focus, featuring the princesses of Macedon, Minerva and Maria, as well as Minerva’s loyal knight Palla.

The Minerva and Maria Summoning Focus will run until 18th October. Players will also be able to participate in a new Bound Hero Battle tied to the new Summoning focus.

The Bound Hero Battle will have players challenge Minerva and Maria in three difficulty settings, Hard, Lunatic, and Inferno. Clearing each difficulty will reward players with orbs.

About Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is turn-based tactical RPG in which players play the role of a summoner who summons iconic heroes from the many Fire Emblem titles. Battles take place in an 8×6 tile map and players will have to put their heroes attributes and abilities as well as the terrain of the map into consideration in order to gain victory.

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