[Qoo Guide] Beginners Guide to Kamen Rider: City Wars


Featuring all the Kamen Riders from past until present, Bandai Namco’s Kamen Rider: City Wars has been quite a big hit for Kamen Rider fans. The game combines turn-based strategy with city simulation and action to create a unique gameplay experience that makes it a game worth playing even for those unfamiliar with Kamen Rider. For those who new players, here is a list of things that will help you pick up the game.

First Draw


In Kamen Rider: City Wars, players can draw four types of cards, “BC”, “Ultimate Skill”, “Skill”, and “Stats”. Of course, you obviously want a 5★ card, but which one?

BC: Unlocks Alternative Forms for Specific Riders + Strong Equipable Skill + Stat Increase
Ultimate Skill: Powerful Equipable Skills + Stat Increase
Skill: Equipable Skills + Stat Increase
Stat: Stat Increase


For your first summon, the best cards are BC cards. The reason you want a BC card is simply that they offer the most to your rider. Not only do they unlock an alternative form for the specific rider, they also boost stats and include a skill that is almost as powerful, if not equally powerful to that of Ultimate Skill cards. However, the drop rate for these cards is pretty low, as seen above.


If you’re not looking for the best starter cards, Ulitmate Skill cards will give you a decent start. The stat boost is still quite noticeable and having a powerful skill is incredibly useful during boss fights.


Getting any other 5★ is still good and they’ll still give you a boost early on, but the advantage is not as great as the cards mentioned above. If you don’t get any BS or Ultimate SKills in your initial 10x summon, re-roll is recommended.

Which Rider as Starter?

The actual Rider doesn’t really make much of a difference. As long as you have their BC card they’ll still be a strong character. If you don’t have a favorite, then EX-AID and Build is a good rider to start off with since players start off with their 4★ skill cards (from pre-registration rewards).

How To Acquire Riders


All Riders can be bought with R Energy (Rエナジー). R Energy is generated when players build power plants in their city. As mentioned, players will be able to buy all the heroes as soon as they start the game, for 20,000 R Energy. All players start off with enough R Energy to buy one Rider.

Note that getting any 5★ cards will make the related Rider’s price drop to 0 R Energy.

Which Building to Prioritize


The first building to focus on will always be the headquarters, simply because upgrading the headquarters raises the production rate and efficiency of other buildings. You should upgrade the headquarters whenever possible. If you can’t then focus on power plants. Power plants are important because R Energy is required to acquire new heroes and to upgrade character skill trees.


Skill Tree


Rider Skill Tree can be accessed in the Rider Page under the “強化” tab on the left. Simply select the Rider you want to upgrade from your list of Riders.

R Energy and Stones are required to upgrade your Rider. Which stone you need depends on the slot you want to unlock. Prioritize Movement Speed (Yellow) and Skill Slot (Turquoise *Fist + Kick)


Stones can be obtained in Daily Special Stages (Quests>イベント). To celebrate the game’s launch, there is currently a dungeon that rewards players with 4★ Skills for EX-AID, Build, and Den-O.

How Do I Play the Kamen Rider Theme Songs!?


To play the Kamen Rider theme Songs, you have to activate A-RUSH MODE, Each hit fills the A-RUSH CHARGE a little, but if you hold the attack button, you can activate a manual charge as seen in the image above. The manual charge leaves Riders open to attack but fills the A-RUSH CHARGE much faster.


*There is currently a bug that mutes the theme song if players don’t have both the ringtone volume and the media volume turned on.

A-RUSH MODE gives Riders a boost in stats, so it is recommended to fill the charge before you enter a BOSS WAVE.

And there you have it. With the information above you should we settled for a decent start in Kamen Rider: City Wars. If you have any other questions leave comments or find a Kamen Rider: City Wars Group in QooApp.

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