[Qoo News] Mobile MMORPG Alchemia Story is ready for download


Asobimo’s mobile MMORPG Alchemia Story (アルケミアストーリー) is already downloadable. The server will launch at 17:00 today (GMT+9).


Alchemia Story is an MMORPG which incorporates the bot modern MMOJRPG elements with some of the best features of old-school JRPGs to create a new game that caters to both new generations of gamers and older generations of gamers. Additionally, Every player will have their own personal assistant character known as “YOME”, which incidentally also means wife in Japanese.


The dawn of an industrial revolution. Demon Kings and their demons threaten the world with magic. In order to get rid of these demons, the protagonist starts a journey for justice.

System Features

■ Navigation guide
■ Solo mode
■ YOME (Your Own Meet Everyday)
■ Command battles that can also be run on auto


■ Character customisation, from fashion choice to mouth size


■ A wide variety of fields



Official Site

Asobimo Announces Release Date for MMOJRPG Alchemia Story!
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