Light novel Infinite Stratos' mobile game Infinite Stratos: Archetype Breaker is out

IS Archetype Breaker

Originally a light novel series, later adapted into a TV anime and two games, Infinite Stratos  (IS〈インフィニット・ストラトス〉) has just got another gaming spin-off. The title Infinite Stratos: Archetype Breaker by DMM is already out for mobile and browser. 

Archetype Breaker is produced by the staff who worked on the TV anime and OVA. The voice actors have returned for their respective roles. It is therefore an official extra story of the anime.

Written by Izuru Yumizuru (弓弦 イズル) and published first in 2009, the story is set in a future where society is dominated by women. The world’s strongest weapon, Infinite Stratos (IS), can only be operated by them. Ichika Orimura is a male teenager, but he could surprisingly operate an IS. In the end, he enters the all female Infinite Stratos Academy and begins a life of thrill and danger as well.


In 2022, Orimura is already a capable pilot of IS. The earth is suddenly visited by some dangerous visitors called Image Origins. Their ability Timezero End can make any common weapons useless. Orimura and his fellow IS pilots have no other choice but to shoulder the job to secure world peace.


■ Turn-based auto battle

IS Archetype Breaker

■ Four-player match battle

IS Archetype Breaker

■ Pair IS Card (characters) with Scene card (skill) to build a strong team

IS Archetype Breaker

■ Intimacy level with each girl

IS Archetype Breaker

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