Sengoku Night Blood brings out Attack on Titan collaboration on 12/1

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Otome mobile RPG Sengoku Night Blood (戦刻ナイトブラッド) will bring out an crossover event with TV anime series Attack on Titan on 12th January. Players will be required to update their game in order to participate in the event.

“From the other side of the ice wall” (lit.)

The “From the other side of the ice wall” event will introduce ★5 Levi, ★4 Eren, ★4 Erwin, and also Armin and Jean. They will have a strange encounter with Date Masamune and his fellow soldiers.

The Date camp sets out to investigate a cave after hearing a rumour that strange living things reside in there. In the said cave, they find a frozen place and spot someone…

Sengoku Night Blood

After the update, the new gacha pool includes two ★5 cards: Date Masamune and Ishida Mitsunari. The Date card will wear a Survey Corps costume after awakening.

Sengoku Night Blood

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