[Qoo Review] QooApp 2017 Best Games of the Year



As the new year has begun, editors of QooApp have come together to pick out the 10 best games the year 2017 has given us as a salute/conclusion to the year. (Games are not listed in ranking order)

Tenka Hyakken


QooApp User Rating: 4.3

A side-scrolling action game that isn’t just fast-paced, but also features well-designed characters. Players will be able to interact with different characters to understand their back story. As for the balance, the difference in strength between SSR and SR isn’t game-breakingly far to prevent tragedies like giving up on your favorite girl because of low stats.

On the other hand, items that determine battle stats, asides from gacha, as long as you’re willing to farm you will be able to get decent gear. Although the game doesn’t seem to be as popular as others, it has still gathered quite a few loyal players.

Layered Stories 0


QooApp User Rating: 4.1

The result of Bandai Namco’s “Game Made with Everyone” project, created purely from volunteers, this game has a certain dynamic to it. The game’s world setting and characters are very well established, combined with an anime series, the game holds a certain attraction.

Although the system can use some improvements, the game sells intense battle atmosphere and an immersive world. Players aren’t heavily encouraged to spend money making the game quite friendly to players of all kinds.

Another Eden Jikuu wo Koeru Neko
アナザーエデン 時空を超える猫


QooApp user Rating: 4.5

Action, Story, Music, everything about this game is great, this game is truly a great singleplayer RPG. Unique in its own way, the game featured all 25 chapters at launch, and doesn’t feature a stamina system, so players can immerse themselves completely in the story, and fully appreciate the RPG elements.

Since its release in April 2017, the game has received many updates, including the latest chapter, the game features a total of 30 chapters. Due to all the content, the game isn’t something for short-term players. The combat features a turn-based system, each character has a different Professions, Skills, and Passive Skills.

The clean UI makes it easy to figure out the system, earning the cheers of players even outside of Japan. F2P players who don’t want to spend money for gacha, can easily watch ads and earn rewards from quests to max out characters to clear the main storyline.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!


QooApp User Rating: 4.6

An idol game created by Bushiroad. Although the genre is saturated, the game stands out due to its system and featured songs. Officials proclaimed that they’re not competing with other games through character 3D models, fully focusing on the game’s co-op system and splitting characters into small bands to creating different styles of music and looks.

Alongside many iconic ACG songs, the game not only targets players but also attracts anime fans and music lovers, creating a different market just for themselves.

Graffiti Smash


QooApp User Rating: 4.1

Releasing a Pinball game in these times, many mobile veterans will compare it with Monster Strike. Even so, if you really compare them, Bandai Namco’s Graffiti Smash doesn’t lose its ground.

The game introduces new elements to the pinball genre, increasing the level of intensity, character raising, and burst damages to wipe enemies. That’s not all, the game introduces a graffiti feature that allows players to fill the stage with colors.

Asides from character stats, players also have to look at their ability to paint the stage, but the core of the game still retains the pinball elements, the only thing that stands out is the graffiti feature, which gives players a unique visual experience. After launching a character, they will leave paint on their tracks as players cover more and more of the stage, their characters will be buffed and ultimately be able to use devastating skills.

Destiny Child


QooApp User Rating: 4.1

Initially released in 2016 in Korea. The game features characters designed by Kim Hyung-tae and is developed by SHIFTUP. In November 2017, the Japanese version was officially released. Compared to the original Korean version, the game is significantly more stable, characters skills were more balanced and reasonable.

In less than a month, the game had over three million downloads to vouch for its quality. Although the core gameplay isn’t particularly good, from its distinctive art style, Live 2D animations, and a surprisingly interesting story, the game has captured the hearts of many gamers, which isn’t incredibly surprising.

Unfortunately, the Japanese version has censored the more ‘revealing’ characters, adding a translucent sheen on what used to be uncovered creates a mosaic censorship which has disappointed many players.

Azur Lane


QooApp User Rating: 4.2 (CHI) / 4.5 (JAP)

This is definitely one of the top games of 2017, created by Chinese developers, using the popular Naval Fleet Moe Anthropomorphism from Japan,
the game has created quite stunning results making it quite the topic in the mobile gaming community.

Although constantly being compared with KanColle, the game features naval fleets from different nations, as well as a unique side-scrolling gameplay, the game is more engaging than that which is fully auto.

Additionally, the game doesn’t require players to pay for special gacha and the SSR rates and resource rewards are quite friendly, making it possible for f2p players to fully enjoy every aspect of the game.

Tasokare Hotel


QooApp User Rating: 4.4

Gaining popularity from their previous games Prison Boy, Yotumegami etc, SEEC has gained quite a few fans. Clearly, they have done enough preparation for this game, with fully voiced characters and even interlude music, and another incredible story.

The story features and Life and Death theme. Character relationships are complex like other SEEC titles. The game features 8 chapters, as players explore further in the truth is slowly revealed…

Asides from mysteries and puzzles to solve, the game also has a surreal touch. Yes, the game has multiple endings, SEEC fans can rest easy!

Sengoku Night Blood


QooApp User Rating: 4.6

Co-released by Marvelous, Kadokawa, and Otomate, Sengoku Night Blood is not your everyday game. The game invited numerous renowned illustrators and voice actors and not long after launch an anime series was also released alongside a live-action stage play.

The game takes some of the favorite Otome themes, from a Sengoku Era backdrop, mesmerizing ikemen characters, that are also vampires and werewolves, gacha, character raising, and combat, and a story, the game has almost everything!

Unfortunately, the combat is a bit stale, and the story is only decent at best. Initially, the game attracted a lot of players, but not a lot of them stayed with the game. Unless you’re a fan of the voice actors, it may be really hard to stick with the game. Recently, the game has been under the spotlight, with their collaborations with other series including Hakuōki, Attack on Titan and Osomatsu-san etc.

Otome Yuusha

Otome Yusha

QooApp User Rating: 4.1

With characters designed by the creator of Uta no Prince-sama Chinatsu Kurahana, alongside voice actors including Takahiro Sakurai, Tomokazu Sugita, and Yuichi Nakamura etc, the highly anticipated Otome Yuusha was originally planned for 2016, but was finally released in 2017. This game is an Otome RPG with a European theme. Players play as a female protagonist Yuusha of the world, who must adventure with chosen ikemen companions, to defeat resurrected demon lord.

Although the yuusha is a female, who doesn’t have to do the fighting, players can pair companions together in combat. The combat looks a little like a racing game, but in reality, players have to defeat all the characters on the track asap. Defeating all the characters will allow players to reach the goal and beat the stage. Players will be able to choose up to three characters for battle and freely change them on your journey. Picking out companions and raising them is the Yuusha’s responsibility!

Is your favorite game of 2017 on the list? Let us know which 2017 games are on the top of your list in the comments!