[Qoo News] Japanese Destiny Child Announces New Mid-Feb Event ft. New Sumire Uesaka Voiced Character!


The Japanese version of Destiny Child, managed by STAIRS, has announced today (5th February) that after the Valentines day maintenance, a new event, Ragna Break Season 1 – Cafe de petit (ラグナブレイクSeason 1 – Cafe de petit ) will commence. The new event will be another Raid Boss event.


Alongside the new event, new characters will also be introduced to the game, including Morgan (モーガン) who will be voiced by Sumire Uesaka and Tirufingu (ティルフィング) voiced by Sora Tokui (徳井 青空).



The upcoming raid bosses will be fire type Childs.

About the Game

In Destiny Child, players take the role of a devil who lives the life of a human after getting bored in the devil world. He is suddenly dragged into a war that decides who the king of the devil is. In order to be the king, he needs to enter into contracts with girls called Child.

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