Sega Releases New PV for the New Chain Chronicles x Overlord II Collaboration

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Sega has just released a new PV for the upcoming collaboration between their mobile RPG title, Chain Chronicles and the hit anime series Overlord II.

In the new collaboration, players will be able to collect exclusive powerful allies from the Overlord II series, from the Floor Guardians like Albedo and Shalltear to the all mighty Ainz Ooal Gown. In the PV fans will also be able to see the new collaboration character’s skills.

Like most previous Chain Chronicle collaboration events, players will be able to pre-register for the event and receive bonus rewards when the collaboration begins. Additionally, there is also an official retweet event where players which will reward all players with the SSR collaboration character Narberal Gamma, if the post below is retweeted 8610 times.

Official Event Site

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