Mobile action battle Sangoku Justice launches beta and pre-registration

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From the developer of Gothic Mahou Otome – Cave, mobile action battle Sangoku Justice (三極ジャスティス) launches beta and pre-registration today. The main cast are also revealed.

Set in Japan in 2040, Sangoku Justice is about coup d’état, Japan’s civil war, and “war business”. The country is divided into three factions: Control, Freedom, Greed. With worldview created by Yuri Shibamura, who also wrote Gunparade March and Touken Ranbu Online, and Btooom!’s manga artist Junya Inoue as the art director, this is the largest gaming project by the developer.


Players are able to side with one faction, send mecha to battlefield and defeat the other two factions in a three-minute battle. Each mecha’s pilot and weapon can be customised.

Sangoku JusticeSangoku JusticeSangoku Justice

Sangoku JusticeSangoku Justice


■ Sugita Tomokazu as Hareruya Kyogoku

The Control faction is represented by the Kasumigaseki group, led by Hareruya Kyogoku. After a coup d’etat, the group occupied 70 percent of the Japanese territory. The group aims to control Japan through military power.

■ Kana Ueda as Tomomi Kamuro

Representing the Freedom faction is Yaoyorozu, led by Tomomi Kamuro – Yaoyurozu Student Council President who is also an artificial human. Yaoyorozu is an anti-government organization that opposes Kasumigaseki’s dictatorship over Japan. The group’s goal is to reclaim the calm peaceful everyday life once seen in Japan.

■ Aya Uchida as Broken Doll

The Dark Sisters is a criminal organization based in Hokkaido that represents Greed. The group seeks to control Japan economically through weapons manufacturing. Their leader who calls herself “Broken Doll”, is described as a composed young girl who shows no emotions.

Closed beta 

Recruitment Period: 8th February – 20th February
Testing Period: Late February – Early March
Number of Participant: 4,000 (2,000 each for iOS and Android)



10,000: BP Charger 10 x1
30,000: Justice! Gacha x1
50,000: BP Charger 10 x2
70,000: Justice! Gacha x1
100,000: SR leader of each faction

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