Mobile otome game Samurai Love Ballad announces anime project

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Voltage’s hit mobile otome game Samurai Love Ballad: Party (天下統一恋の乱 Love Ballad) is getting an short anime spin-off, Samurai Love Ballad: Roar Our Four Ties! (天下統一恋の乱~出陣!雑賀4人衆~).

Samurai Love Ballad

The shows shares the same background with the game – Sengoku Period. In Kii Province, four young men from the same mercenary group with firearms are assigned a mission for the very first time. The story centers on their friendship.

The four main heroes are not the Sengoku lords from the game. They are fictional  characters – Tsubame, Hibari, Tobi, Chidori.

The release date and other details are not yet confirmed. Samurai Love Ballad: Party is already available on QooApp. It has an English version too.


■ Tsubame, voiced by Genki Okawa

■ Hibari, voiced by Sho Nogami

■ Tobi, voiced by Shohei Komatsu

■ Chidori, voiced by Taichi Ichikawa

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