[Qoo News] R18 Version of Destiny Child For DMM Announced for Late February!



The PC version of Korean mobile RPG Destiny Child, Destiny Child For DMM (デスティニーチャイルド For DMM), has been confirmed for late February 2018! Currently, the game’s pre-registration has reached over 85,000 players. Additionally, players will be able to sync their mobile account to the upcoming PC version, so players better take this chance to pre-register for the game.

Share Gacha Event

Similar to the mobile version, the PC version will have a Gacha event. Players who bind their Twitter account will receive five free summons for three days, which means players will receive 15 characters in total. Players will have a chance to receive the 5★ Character Hestia (ヘスティア).


The biggest difference between the smartphone version and the PC version is that DMM’s PC version will feature the original uncensored Korean character design. What this means is that players of the Japanese version will be able to link their account to the PC version and experience the game in its full glory.


Pre-Registration Rewards

Players of the mobile version of Destiny Child will also be able to receive the pre-registration rewards of the PC version despite already having an existing account, so don’t miss this chance for more bonus items!

At the start of Pre-Registration Event: ★5 エシュ
50,000: 100 Crystals
70,000: 200 Crystals
85,000: 300 Crystals + 1000 Onyx
100,000: 400 Crystals + 2000 Onyx
120,000: 900 Crystals + 3000 Onyx


About Destiny Child

In Destiny Child, players take the role of a devil who lives the life of a human after getting bored in the devil world. He is suddenly dragged into a war that decides who the king of the devil is. In order to be the king, he needs to enter into contracts with girls called Child.

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