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Omake – おまけ

Omake seems to be something that is seen quite frequently in both Anime and Manga, yet trying to put your finger on just what exactly is an omake seems to be quite hard considering how different they are from one another. This time in QooPedia, we look at just what exactly is an Omake.

So what is an Omake?

An Omake is like an Extra to a story. In Anime and Manga, these are usually short stories that present extra information that wouldn’t be typically seen in the main story of the series. These mini-stories can be very diverse, from showing a specific character’s trivia to short comical moments between characters outside of the main storyline, so despite having nothing to do with the main story, they’re still fun to read/watch. The keyword to sum up Omake is that it is an extra. What this means is that with or without it, the main story will still be complete.

So in a sense, an Omake is there to add depth to characters or to show a different perspective to the characters in a series for fans to enjoy.

In an anime, an Omake is typically something that is placed at the beginning of the episode or at the very end. This is usually a short skit that has nothing or little to do with the main plot of the episode. An example of an Omake will be Ginpachi-sensei!! from Gintama.

In a manga, an Omake is usually a short story that shows a different perspective on the characters in the series, like a short slice-of-life story that may even show characters in alternative styles like chibi-forms. However, they aren’t restricted to stories, sometimes Omake comes in other forms like character bios. For example, last week’s QooApp: Login Exception update featured character bios for characters that have made an appearance in the series, this could be considered an Omake too.

Login Exception

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