NEOWIZ's Mobile Tactical RPG Brown Dust Launches 7th March!

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Today (6th March), NEOWIZ announced that their latest tactical RPG in pre-registration, Brown Dust (ブラウンダスト), will be released tomorrow, 7th March 2018, for iOS/Android!

Currently, the game has gathered over 150,000 pre-registered players. According to the announced pre-registration rewards, all players will receive 600 diamonds (enough for one 10x summon) and a 5★ Guaranteed Summon Tokoen.

The game features a somewhat battle simulation gameplay where players will have to set up their army’s formation before the battle and clash with enemy forces. During combat, both sides will take turn to attack until a winner rises. Brown Dusy features over 300 unique characters, each with the ability to be enhanced and upgraded to the maximum level.

Additionally, NEOWIZ also revealed two 5★ characters that will appear in the game.

5★ Mercenary Eliza (エリーゼ)
Skill: AoE Charm Attack

5★ Mercenary Westar (ウェスター)
Skill: Killing Marked Enemies Greatly Raises Attack

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