Monster Hunter Special 2018 Spring Live-Stream - Deviljho Coming Soon!

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Monster Hunter World’s 2018 spring Special Live-Stream has just ended moments ago, announcing that the first Free Major Monster Hunter World Update will be released on 22nd March! Here almost everything the live-stream covered including new information on Deviljho (mid-end part of the article)!


Spring Blossom Festival

The very first seasonal event has been announced. The Spring Blossom Festival will revamp the Gathering Hub with a new and vibrant floral theme! Asides from the Gathering Hub, NPCs will also have seasonal outfits, and a new Firework item will be introduced to the game for players to celebrate special moments with a bang!

During the event period, ALL previous events will be available for all players, so players who have missed any of the previous events will be able to use this time to obtain materials exclusive to past events! The Daily Login Reward will also be increased from one Voucher to two per day during the event.

Weapon Design Competition Quest

Previously before the game was released, Capcom held a special Weapon design competition asking fans to turn in their own weapon for Monster Hunter World. During today’s live-stream, Capcom announced that on 6th April a special Event Quest will be released to the game, allowing players to obtain the special ticket required to make the winning weapon design (as seen above)! the quest will be available from 6th April until 20th April.

MHW Lectures

Starting tomorrow 15th March, Capcom will be releasing Monster Hunter World lectures given by Monster Hunter World’s Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto. New videos will be released on a weekly basis.


Mega Man Collaboration

The Mega Man (Rockman) collaboration is scheduled to come to the game on xxx. The collaboration quest will be called Rush Riot (Tentative). The quest will have hunters fight two Odogaron. This recalls back to Maga Man’s buddy Rush, the robotic dog. In the quest, the first Odogaron will be especially small as to recall Rush from the Mega Man series.

Devil May Cry Collaboration

In addition to the Charge blade not having a shield, during the live stream it was revealed that when using the Dante set, the slinger will be changed to the iconic Nightmare Gun. Read more on the Devil May Cry Collaboration here.


Hunter Remake?!

The live-stream revealed that Capcom will be introducing a new item to the game which allows players to remake their Hunter, from Gender to facial structure, skin color etc.! On 16th AMrch, players will be able to download a free ticket to alter their Hunter’s appearance, should they want to.

New Gestures

Throughout the live-stream, footage of new gestures were revealed. The new gestures include dances as well as an invisible chair gesture which will ultimately lead to hunters falling in fatigue.


As many expected, The live-stream covered new information on the first Major Free Update which will introduce the previously teased monster Deviljho. Players will start encountering Deviljho during Expeditions after the “?? Rathian” Investigation. The live-stream also featured screenshots on the Deviljho’s equipment as well as weapons and gameplay footage on a Deviljho Hunt!

Deviljho will not only introduce new gear to the game but also new Monster behaviours to the game! In the gameplay video, it was revealed that the Deviljho will actively seek out large monsters nearby and use them as makeshift weapons against players, holding them in its massive jaws and smashing and through them at hunters!

Beginning of Deviljho Hunt Gameplay

General Game Balances & Features Changes

Japan Exclusive Events

Additionally, during the Live-Stream Capcom announced live events in Japan including the Monster Hunter World Championship 2018 as well as other events including a free trial of Monster Hunter World in Harajuku as well as a special Monster Hunter World-themed bar!! Finally, Monster Hunter fans will be able to pre-order special Monster Hunter merchandise on Capcom’s merchandise website starting tomorrow 11am JST.

A note to the Monster Hunter World Championship 2018, although there are currently no news as to whether or not different regions will have Monster Hunter World championships, the stages in which players will have to clear for the championship will be released in the game as part of the major update. Players over HR16 will be able to test their skills in the new Arena Quests when the Major Update is released!

Full Live-Stream

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