Jumputi Heroes Welcomes SSR Eraserhead from My Hero Academia!

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Today (9th April), Jumputi Heroes announced that following the Sojiro Seta event, the game will be welcoming a new SSR character on 11th April! The new SSR character will be Eraserhead – Shota Aizawa (相澤消太) from My Hero Academia.

Jumputi Heroes

The new event will begin on 11th April 1pm JST and will go on until 16th April 12:59 JST. The event will have two difficulty, Super Hard and Hell. Upon clearing Super Hard three times, players will receive a 5-star Shota Aizawa as a reward. Players will also have a chance of obtaining the character with each stage completion.




The new Shota Aizawa character is a Yellow element character. In preparation for the new event, players better start training Green element characters!

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