Toppa Xinobi Championship Official Launch Date Confirmed!

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ASPECT’s has announced that their mobile TCG title, Toppa Xinobi Championship will be officially released on 26th April! Additionally, players who are currently playing in the demo version released on 7th December will be able to keep their accounts via Data Transfer when the game officially launches!

Xinobi Championship

Toppa Xinobi Championship is a TCG that sells “all-shinobi” characters and a feature that allows multiple card actions simultaneously.

The official release version will introduce new features including

-Championship Mode
-Quest Mode
-in-game Currency (XC)
-28 New Cards
-Gift Boxes

More new features will be introduced as the game approaches the official launch date.

Official Launch Celebration Live-Stream

In celebration of the game’s launch, ASPECT will be hosting a special celebration live-stream on 27th April from 20:00 JST until 21:30 JST. The live-stream will be streamed on niconico and YouTube Live.

Official Site

Toppa Xinobi Championship Demo Version

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