QooApp Version 7.3 on duty now!

Mr. Qoo


QooApp Version 7.3 comes out today (25th April 2018). This update brings everyone a sad news and a good news. Drum roll, please!

New Feature: Game Note 

Forum has been our friend for more than four years, but it’s getting old and it’s going to retire soon! It will bid all of you farewell on 25th May 2018. Users will not be able to retrieve their threads/comments/data afterwards.

The newbie on duty now is Game Note. You can find him in three places: 

1. Game Page


2. User Profile


3. IMQoo Group


New Feature: Game Comment

Finally, you can praise your favourite games besides giving them 5 out of 5! If there is a game you like, go promote it in the comment section now!


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