Mobile 3D RPG Tokyo Conception launches pre-registration

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Developed by United, mobile 3D RPG Tokyo Conception  (東京コンセプション) is now ready for pre-registration. It will arrive in Summer 2018.

Tokyo Conception

Tokyo Conception is said to be a simple game that is stress-free. The introduction offers no information regarding the system though.


The theme revolves around friendship between humans and ayakashi.

When searching for his missing childhood friend, Sosuke arrived at a place that laid deep inside his memory. There he finally found her.

Suddenly, the world changed. He was surrounded by monsters. Amid the sound of flesh and blood, he heard – “My master is mine to protect!”.

Since then, Sosuke is accompanied and protected by Tamamo, a beautiful, powerful female ayakashi. Together, they push through infinite battles…


Tokyo Conception

0: Gem x250
30,000: Gem x300
50,000: Gem x400
70,000: Gem x500
100,000: Gem x900
150,000: Gem x1,300
200,000: Gem x1,700
300,000: Gem x2,500

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