Gyaru, What is it?

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Gyaru (ギャル) / Gal


Gyaru (ギャル) / Gal, a term that isn’t often deliberately specified in anime, but is shown quite frequently. So what is it?

Gyaru/Gyaru-kei (ギャル系) is an umbrella term that spans a variety of Japanese street fashion. The term originated from a brand of jeans called “gurls” from the 70’s. The brand catered to fashion and peer-conscious girls in their teens and early twenties. Although Gyaru has different subcategories, most of them share the following features, bleached hair, extravagant nails and makeup with dark eyeliner and fake lashes that enlarges the eyes.

Gyaru Subcategories

■ Kogal

Kogal is a fashion style that revolves around high-school uniforms. It typically includes short skirts along with a combination of other features including dyed hair, scarves, long loose socks etc. Often it is referred to as simply Gyaru / Gal.

■ Ganguro

In the simplest terms, a Ganguro is just a Gyaru with tanned skin.

■ Hime Gyaru

Hime Gyaru is an extravagant style which features expensive dresses and large headpieces ranging from bows to roses. This style is dominated by light pastel colors, typically pink. In terms of make up, Hime Gyaru has more exaggerated eyes. Dark tanned skin is optional.

■ Manba, Yamanba & Banba

Manba and Yamanba are both styles which features dark tanned skin with contrasting white make up. As for Banba, The style features less white make up than the other two, but features additional glitter and over-the-top colors.

These are just some of the bigger subcategories of Gyaru. There are more than just the ones mentioned above including Gyaru Mama, which is a Gyaru who became a mother but still adopts her previous Gyaru style. If you’re wondering, male who adopt the gyaru style are called Gyaruo.

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