[Qoo Review] MMORPG-Style Mobile RPG Hunter x Hunter at CJ2018!


At ChinaJoy 2018, Tencent showed off a playable demo at their booth for their new Hunter x Hunter mobile game. The new official Hunter x Hunter game was announced earlier this year alongside other iconic titles like Red Alert and Samurai Spirits.

Hunter x Hunter

Gameplay Footage

The core of the game has a typical Chinese MMORPG-style setting. Players can receive quests from different NPCs in different areas, this is true in most MMORPG, but the game features an auto-move system which is typically seen in Chinese MMORPGs.


Getting over the unimpressive quest system, the game’s combat isn’t all that bad. Like many of the other game’s we have seen at ChinaJoy 2018, Tencent’s Hunter x Hunter mobile game features a side-scrolling action system.


To be honest, the game’s action lacks a certain punch that makes an action game feel exciting, but what it lacks in action, the game more than makes up for with its incredible attention to detail to give players the experience of playing an official Hunter x Hunter game. The game is filled with tributes to the Hunter x Hunter series. Starting from the character creation which has players determine their Nen Type with the Water Divination, which in turn creates your character.




As you re-explore the Hunter x Hunter story, you will be greeted with remastered versions of cutscenes from the original series! The game beautifully transitions between gameplay.



Although if you’re looking forward to playing iconic characters from the series, then you might be disappointed. Majority of the game, players will be playing as their own character, however, players will still be able to bring their favorite Hunter x Hunter characters with them in combat. From what we can see in the demo, the characters collection seem to run on a shard based system… That might not be something worth looking forward to.


Hunter x Hunter

According to the official announcement, the game is still a work in progress, it is still far from ready and an actual release date has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to QooApp for the latest news on the game!

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