[Qoo News] Hunter x Hunter New Mobile Game Set on Greed Island Announced


Bandai Namco has announced that they will be releasing a new Hunter x Hunter mobile ARPG titled Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventure within the year!

Hunter x Hunter Greed Adventure

The new mobile game will have it’s own original story set after the Greed Island arc when Gon cleared Greed Island. Under the influence of the Hunter Association, Greed Island evolved, becoming Greed Island 2 (G.I.2) What will this evolution bring? Additionally, the game will also have flashbacks to scenes from the series.







The upcoming game will feature a simple 1-tap control which activates a character’s skills in battle. Players will be able to further enhance their characters by equipping Skill Cards on to them. Each skill card will have different effects, allowing characters to unleash all sorts of additional attack and recovery skills.

Greed Adventure

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Adventure is set for release in 2018. The game is available for pre-registration.


Prologue Trailer

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